Screening Shakespeare 

Openly licensed, open-access, interactive web-based textbook supported by George Washington University, 2022  ::::

This open-access book is officially part of the OER Commons, a hub for open educational resources. 

Screening Shakespeare by Alexa Alice Joubin covers four key aspects of filmmaking: mise-en-scènecinematographysound and music, and film theory. It draws on film adaptations of Shakespeare as case studies to explain these concepts, beginning with formal and cultural analysis of film as a medium.

     Supported by the George Washington University Adapting Course Materials for Equity Faculty Grant (news story) and the Online Course Development grant, GW Digital Humanities Institute, and GW Coders, Screening Shakespeare is an openly licensed, open-access, online textbook with interactive learning modules. 

    This web-based textbook is designed with the principle of equitable redundancy and multimodal access, providing multiple, curated and self-guided, pathways to the contents.

     You are cordially invited to “roam around” and chart your own path through the lesson units (presented as “tiles”) which are designed to be read in any order. Click one of the thematic “tiles” on the homepage to access the contents in a non-linear fashion.

     You can also navigate this site in a more traditional manner. The drop-down menus that replicate the experience of leafing through a codex book.

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