AI is in Your Classroom – Even if You Didn’t Know It!  

Wednesday, January 18, 2023 at 3 pm eastern time in person and online (hybrid event)  :::   Presentation Slide Deck

Here is Alexa Alice Joubin’s slide deck for her talk.

From AI that write original papers, essays, and poems, to those that create art or write computer code, these technologies are quickly impacting on many aspects of higher education.

    Join colleagues from across George Washington University to learn more about how recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies (such as, chatGPT) are now being used in university classrooms, labs, and offices.

     This is a hybrid in-person and online event. Here is the Zoom link,  You can join us on campus as well in Gelman Library 101 (The Churchill Center), 2130 H St NW, Washington, DC 20052.

     Speakers: Alexa Alice Joubin (Digital Humanities Institute), Katrin Schultheiss (History), Ryan Watkins (Education), and Lorena Barba (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

    In this initial faculty conversation, we will discuss what each of us should know about these recent advancements, and how we can grapple with the multiple implications for our teaching, research, and service. The event is a collaboration of colleagues in humanities, social sciences, and STEM disciplines, and will focus on the promises and perils of AI in higher education as the first of an on-going series at GW.

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