New Anna May Wong quarter hailed as win for Asian American representation:
An Interview with Alexa Alice Joubin  

October 21, 2022; ABC-8 News

NexStar TV interviewed Alexa Alice Joubin for ABC-8 News on a new quarter coin. Asian American actress Anna May Wong will be featured on the quarter as part of a new series focused on celebrating important women in U.S. history.

     George Washington University Professor Alexa Alice Joubin is excited about the new coins: “Having this symbol of U.S. commitment to diversity is really important to our community.” 

     Anna May Wong’s time as an actress was marked by discrimination. She often faced bias and was cast in stereotypical roles, which she vocally fought against. Joubin reminded us that the racism against Asian Americans that Wong faced isn’t only in the past. “This is an occasion for us to remember that some of these problems persist,” Joubin said.

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