The Asian Connection’s Interview of Alexa Alice Joubin  
The Asian Connection: Newsletter of Sigur Center for Asian Studies, George Washington University, Fall 2018 

Alexa’s publications cross several disciplines. The following profile focuses only on Alexa’s contribution to Asian studies and omits her work in early modern and Shakespeare studies. Alexa’s book Race draws on culturally and historically diverse materials, particularly non-North American and non-Western European case studies at the intersections of gender, disability, and race. The book argues that ideas about race rely on epistemologies of otherness—the location-specific formation and dissemination of knowledge. From Israel, South Africa, Germany, France, South American colonial history, India and British expatriate culture to Asian-American history and Japanese and Chinese mythologies; from Black Lives Matter movements to #MeToo movements, the book close reads a wide array of examples from the Middle Ages to Renaissance to the twentieth century.

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