A Great Feast of Languages: Interview with Alexa Alice Joubin, Part 2

The Shakespeare Standard, March 9, 2013, by Colleen Kennedy

This is the second of a two-part interview with Alexa Alice Joubin on global Shakespeare and pedagogy. We spoke to her on a range of topics, including how best to incorporate the issues of globalization into the standard undergraduate Shakespeare course.

     Alexa said that “Global Shakespeare as a curricular component answers the competing demands of internationalizing education to prepare our next generation for a complex world and of sustaining traditional canons. There are many ways to incorporate issues of politics, reception, and aesthetics raised by global Shakespeare into standard undergraduate Shakespeare courses.” We can “teach familiar texts in estranged settings” because slow reading has many benefits. “Different cultural frameworks and translations slow us down and compel us to rethink what we assume to be familiar.”

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