“Beyond Black and White: Race in the World”  

5th Annual Diversity Summit, George Washington University, November 7, 2019 

In this interactive workshop, Alexa Alice Joubin takes participants through a series of provocative questions and  brainstorming sessions to learn about a critical history of race.

     Race is part of our intersectional identities, but we need to go beyond the narrow focus on blackness vs whiteness and consider other key, co-contributing factors such as class, gender, religion, and politics. 

     Together, through critical thinking, we can build critical capacity to engage in dialogue about diverse racial identities.

     The 5th Annual Diversity Summit focused on the theme of “Be Bold: Learning. Unlearning. Relearning.” This session accomplished the following tasks:

  • Creating a space for dialogue to inform how we understand ourselves, the larger landscape of higher education, and ways to continue building inclusive campus climates
  • Unlearning our habits of hearing, not hearing, and seeing and not seeing “race”
  • Attending to “invisible” racialized minorities 
  • Resisting mono-racial assumptions 
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