Cultural Encounters of Otherness through Shakespeare  

University of Oxford and Georgetown University, February 26, 2024 :::  Video recording on YouTube 

Drawing on her forthcoming book, Contemporary Readings in Global Performances of Shakespeare, Alexa Alice Joubin examines cultural encounters with Shakespeare’s plays as heterotopia, a series of parallel cultural spaces.

     In particular, theatre and film are key players in creating embodied snippets of knowable worlds, as adaptations open up national cultures to other worldviews. Artists and audiences project their beliefs onto dramatic works to create hybrid worlds across cultures and history.

     Joubin argues that, since the fictional space created by performance juxtaposes multiple worlds, this heterotopic space functions as a microcosm of different temporalities and worlds.

     This event was co-sponsored by Las Casas Institute for Social Justice, Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford, and Georgetown University Office of the Vice President for Global Engagement.

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