Generative AI, Higher Education, and Digital Pedagogies 生成式人工智慧與高等教育

National Chengchi University 國立政治大學, Taipei, Taiwan, October 11, 2023   ::::   Slide Deck

     Alexa Alice Joubin’s bilingual presentation on AI in higher education was part of the NCCU Sprout Project 政大高教深耕計畫.

Generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, enrich the inquiry-driven culture we live in. What is missing from the current debate are insights from the humanities. As a synthesis of human-generated datasets, AI is changing publics’ relationship to themselves.

     Since ChatGPT remixes statistically most likely combinations of words, its outputs are in fact a form of theatrical performance. It draws on users’ prompts and the publics’ collective memories to produce improvised performances, within specific parameters, for its user-audiences. As a mirror held up to the humanity, ChatGPT produces a pixelated shadow of the publics in time. ChatGPT is therefore a survey instrument of the publics’ collective biases. It is an aesthetic instrument rather than an epistemological tool.

     Based on this understanding, this interactive workshop provides pedagogical strategies and new AI-enhanced pedagogical tools for educators to teach with AI rather than against it.

     生成式人工智慧 (AI) 工具豐富了我們的生活, 也深刻影響著資訊的流通。然而, 目前針對 AI 的辯論中缺少人文學科的觀點。AI 生成的文本可視為一種擬像與仿真, 微妙的改變大眾與自身的關係。AI 的輸出也是一種戲劇表演形式。AI 奠基於使用者的提示和公眾的集體記憶,在預定的範圍內為使用者進行一場又一場的即興表演。AI 就如同一面鏡子, 映照出一個社會的縮影。基於這種理解,這個工作坊將深入探討新的教學策略以增進學生的批判性思考及人文素養。

     Alexa Alice Joubin (黃詩芸) 是貝爾.胡克斯獎以及馬丁.路德.金恩獎的得主。她是華盛頓特區喬治華盛頓大學的英語、性別研究、戲劇、國際事務以及東亞語言文學教授,並擔任數位人文研究所的所長。

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